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Alec and Michael participated in the competiton aspect of the project. They ran the robots 8+ times. During the day, they worked on the robots, adjusted the physical aspects of the bots and reworked the programs to meet the needs of the competition.


They impressed the judges with their commitment to the project, curiosity and speed with which they learned the new system. They were awarded a Judges' Choice award for their efforts at learning a new programming language in two days, scoring well in the rounds, staying in the running until deep into the bracket, staying focused on their project with a very small team compared to others at the event and their positive attitude. Duxbury finished in the 8th finals. They beat Malden, the winner of the day's onsite competiton in one round.



Here are photos - http://flickr.com/photos/connors934/collections/72157604421007482/

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